Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Protect your data assets and have peace of mind knowing your assets are secure

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services to SMEs and corporate businesses in the Southwest

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Ensured business continuity without hiccups

Secure storage of your critical business assets

Flexible payment options without large upfront costs

Round-the-clock support for you and your team

Autonomy with a self-service portal

Backup and disaster recovery for multi-cloud and Microsoft Teams

World-class service backup and disaster recovery from the American Southwest

With our increasing dependence on technology, it is not unusual for businesses to be one technology event away from disaster.  By trusting Technology Solutions to manage your backup and disaster recovery, you can stand prepared for any situation, knowing that your business continuity is safe no matter what happens.  

Our certified backup and recovery experts have saved clients thousands of dollars with no extended downtime. You can rest assured that our team will keep your business resilient in every unexpected situation.

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Stay secure, protected, and easily restored

Why choose Technology Solutions for your Backup and Disaster Recovery?

With combined decades of experience in backup and recovery, we can serve our clients knowledgeably, offering solutions that give peace of mind. We partner with industry leaders to ensure that we can always provide the most reliable solutions for backup data loss recovery. Working closely with you to understand your business needs, we will recommend the ideal backup strategy that best fits your needs.  

Whether you’re transitioning your workloads to SaaS or multi-cloud applications, we’ve got you covered with our plans. Our team provides backup and recovery services if you experience downtimes (planned or unplanned) during the process, as well as in the event of cyberattacks.  

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Premium backup and recovery services in Arizona and New Mexico

Get world-class IT support from our team of professionals based in Arizona and New Mexico. Technology Solutions provide backup and recovery services with round-the-clock support for your team when you need it. Because we understand that businesses are different, we offer flexible payment plans and packages so that our services are accessible to clients at various price points. 

If you’re looking for a partner based in the Southwest that can provide cost-effective solutions that will keep your mind at ease, drop us a line, and our IT team would be happy to have a chat about your options.