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Cloud solutions that seamlessly integrate your business and offer maximum return on your cloud investment

Cloud Consulting Services to SMEs and corporate businesses across Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona, & Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Contemplating moving to the cloud but don’t know where to start? Here’s how we can help. We’ll:

Help you navigate popular cloud solutions, and advise you on the best for your business.

Offer secure, on-demand access to certified and highly experienced technical cloud experts and consultants.

Transform your business by implementing a reduced-risk cloud migration strategy.

Secure, manage and optimize your cloud environment with access to a greater pool of skills.

Transform your operational routine and gain a competitive advantage with better agility

Our cloud consultancy services aim to design and implement an air-tight cloud strategy that empowers you to disrupt the market.   

Our experienced team of cloud consultants will assess your entire business and operations to ensure the right cloud solutions are offered to you, whether migrating your entire infrastructure to the cloud or need help with specific projects.  

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Let us help you deploy a cloud solution that drives agility, business growth, and innovation.

Extended cloud consulting capabilities

Whether you are looking to migrate to the cloud or your organization is seeking guidance on a unique project, escalated support, or governance expertise, our team of experts can work with you to optimize your costs while minimizing cloud waste. Our extended capabilities include usage visibility improvement, cloud waste identification and suitable cost-saving recommendations. Included is on-demand access to our seasoned technical expertise and advice to help you leverage best-practice architecture and tools.  

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Get the best out of your cloud investment with Technology Solutions

Having been involved in the cloud space for over a decade, our cloud consultants at Technology Solutions have developed relationships with a broad range of cloud vendors while gaining experience and insight into the industry. Our team of certified cloud consultants offer cutting-edge cloud consulting services that align with your business needs. 

Because each business has unique requirements, we’ll tailor cloud services to fit your business with careful evaluation of your business objectives before making any recommendations. If you’re looking for a USA-based cloud consulting service desk to advise, implement and manage your cloud-related problems remotely or physically, drop us a line.