Cloud cost control services

Increase your bottom line with reduced cloud spend and resource wastage

Cloud cost control services to SMEs and corporate businesses in the Southwest 

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Avoid the cost of unexpected cloud costs with a cost control strategy from Technology Solutions

Proactive spend management with regular reviews and cost-benefit analysis

Minimize usage with right-size databases, reduced licensing expenses and better consumption usage

Manage ongoing spend with meticulous budgeting and consolidated billing

Take control of your cloud spend

Unexpected cloud consumption and resource usage are critical precursors for fee inefficiencies and significant budget deficits, reducing profitability without a predetermined cost optimization plan. Our cost control services help avoid this by monitoring and optimizing your environment to offer you more visibility and control over your cloud spend. Specially designed for SMEs in Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and environs, our team of experts work for you to prevent any nasty bill surprises.

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Here’s how Technology Solutions can help you manage your cloud spend:

Why choose Technology Solutions for your Azure cloud spend control?

Technology Solutions monitors and thoroughly manages your cloud spend to eliminate the possibility of getting unexpected bills while providing you with a consolidated bill. Whether you’re an existing Azure cloud customer dealing with high billing costs or a new customer looking to proactively reduce your spending, contact us to see how much we can help your business save. 

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Get affordable cloud cost control services from the American Southwest

Get affordable cloud cost control services from our team of cloud experts based in Arizona and New Mexico. Our team members are highly trained and held to the highest standards of accountability, and because no two businesses are the same, we’ll create plans to suit your business so you can remain profitable. 

If you’re frustrated by excessive cloud billing and you’re looking for an IT partner based in the Southwest who is passionate about minimizing your cloud spend, feel free to get in touch with one of our team members.