What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents your business from using your computer or accessing your files unless you pay a ransom. It often encrypts files, including backups and server files; so that they cannot be opened.  Ransomware often comes in as an email, or a file that is downloaded and even from just running certain things on websites.  Once installed, it may lock your computer and display a “lock screen” with a message saying you must pay a ransom to regain use of your computer as pictured above.

How can you protect your business

Antivirus software does not stop ransomware!  Malware programs are not 100 percent effective against ransomware.  Keeping your systems patched and up to date does not stop ransomware.  These are all important things to protect your business against attacks, but when ransomware strikes these things fail. In Regards to backups, some backups are susceptible to ransomware attacks and some aren’t, have us evaluate your backups at no cost.

More info on backups here:

Another tool in the fight against ransomware is network firewall based active threat detection. Your firewall is the first line of defense on your network, it can monitor for things like brute force attacks, and malicious websites and stop them before they even enter your network.  Certain brands of firewalls with these protection services look for and stop ransomware from activating, thus protecting your files.  Ask us to evaluate your firewall at no cost.

More info on firewalls here:

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