Technology Solutions is the premier provider of outsourced IT services in the Southwest

Managed Services

When you hire us to manage your IT, you can relax knowing that your network is being monitored 24/7. No more holding your breath until it “breaks,” which can force your company’s traffic to hit the brakes.

Instead, with our Managed IT services, these problems become virtually invisible to you. Typical break/fix services can cause major holes in a budget, as these problems are rarely expected. With Managed IT, you can keep your costs low and predictable, as the need to fix any IT issues is a part of this service.

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Cloud Services

With Technology Solutions’ Cloud Services, you can forget about being burdened with the expense of replacing outdated software, or worrying about where and how you’ll store important data.

Maintaining and updating IT is easy and convenient with the Cloud. Your applications and software may be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, and software updates and fixes are included in this service. Your investment will pay for itself very quickly.

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Managed Data Center

Our managed data services ensure that your data is protected, secure, and accessible at all times- even and especially in an emergency.

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Professional Services

Let our experts create, expand or enhance your organization by optimizing the Technology in your business while increasing the skills and self-sufficiency of your team.

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Things that were once impossible are now commonplace, thanks to virtualization technology. It is by far the most effective way to cut IT expenses, while simultaneously increasing efficiency and functionality. Virtualization is a good idea for any company, from a large enterprise to a small business.

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Disaster Recovery

If it’s performance of your network you’re worried about then worry no longer. We have tried and true Small office solutions as well as large Data Centers or Campus Wide Wireless. From 1G to 40G our Disaster Recovery solutions provide an optimal combination of high performance, simplicity, and flexibility.

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