Protect Your Business from Malicious Software and Viruses

Instances of companies being infected with malicious software and viruses are on the rise. Currently businesses the world over lose billions every year due to these threats. In today’s technology environment it’s become easier for cyber criminals to gain access to your company’s computer systems. Here are a few simple steps you can share with your team to decrease the chances that it will happen to your company.

  • Always check the email address in the header of the email prior to opening it. If it looks suspicious don’t open it.
  • Check emails for obvious spelling and grammar mistakes. Most legitimate companies go to great lengths to ensure their email communication is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Beware of any emails that have urgent language such as “Unauthorized Account Login” or “Your Account Has Been Suspended.” These are commonly used by scammers to elevate your emotions and cause you to react without fully thinking.
  • Hover your mouse over any links in the email without clicking it to verify it is sending you to your desired location. If the website looks suspicious don’t click the link.
  • Most importantly NEVER give any personal information over email. Legitimate companies will never request that you send your username or password through an email.
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