compliance Audit

Are you 100% sure that your technology infrastructure is compliant?  Would you like a complete snapshot of your IT as it stands today?  In as little as 10 minutes per computer, our compliance scan will pull out hundreds of pages of network activity and configuration data. This report will be presented to you in a straightforward and easy to understand way. The generated report includes every detail of your business’s IT picture. It is organized by section with a table of contents to help you locate the specific items you’re interested in. Problem areas are also highlighted, making it easy to spot individual problems to be addressed.

Here’s just a small example of some of the information you’ll be able to gather with this audit.

  • Active Directory user accounts with expired passwords and non-use accounts.
  • Password strength assessment that will find weak user passwords that can cause your company data and financial loss.
  • A list of unwanted applications that can be a security risk to your confidential data.
  • A list of remote listening ports on every server and workstation to identify security risks.
  • Windows patch analysis that will display any workstations or servers with outdated patches.
  • Analysis of antivirus coverage of every server and workstation.

There is no obligation when this audit is performed and all information will be kept confidential and is yours to keep. For additional questions or to schedule an audit please click the button below.

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