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With Technology Solutions’ Cloud Services, you can forget about being burdened with the expense of replacing outdated software, or worrying about where and how you’ll store important data.

With Technology Solutions’ Cloud Services, you can forget about being burdened with the expense of replacing outdated software, or worrying about where and how you’ll store important data.

Maintaining and updating IT is easy and convenient with the Cloud. Your applications and software may be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, and software updates and fixes are included in this service. Your investment will pay for itself very quickly.

What is Cloud Computing?

The Cloud is storage space that is available via the internet, therefore, is able to be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Before the Cloud, programs and data used to only be available from one location: your computer. Now, you can access the same programs and information from multiple locations and devices. Business doesn’t have to be put on pause just because you left the office.

In-house management of servers can bog your company down with the need for extra space, staff, money, and time. If you’re a small- to medium-sized business with limited resources, this may not be an option. But you still NEED the tech, right? With the Cloud, you can access all the storage space you need, but not a kilobyte more. Also, because we are able to monitor your server 24/7, your company will suffer less downtime. Everything is customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

Technology Solutions’ Cloud Service Offerings

Hosted Exchange Email – When you’re away from the office and waiting on an important email, you’ll find that these are your favorite three words. A hosted exchange plan provides customers with a centralized email server, where you can not only keep track of your email from any device, but also your calendar, apps, contacts, notes, and tasks. It also provides clients with direct push sync, which means all information on the exchange is sent to any mobile device in near-real time.

Email Filtering / Spam Protection – While email is a necessary aspect of doing business, it also creates a potentially huge security threat. Transferring documents and files via email without adequate protection is like leaving your house with the front door wide open. Email filtering and spam protection from Technology Solutions allows you to take a large amount of storage burden off of your company’s server, it prevents viruses, spam, worms, and other threats, and makes searching and accessing your inbox much easier.

Desktop Virtualization – A major benefit of using desktop virtualization technology is that it simplifies desktop management. Many common tasks can be automated with a virtual desktop, such as performing software updates and monitoring information flow.

What you see on your screen is separated from the physical computer. This virtualized desktop (VD) is instead stored on a centralized, or remote, server. These VDs are “served” to users in a network, and a user can interact with a VD in the same way one would interact with a physical desktop, but obviously the benefit is that it can be accessed from any location.

When you run desktops as virtual machines on a server, you can secure each desktop environment from one main location, rather than having to tend to each individual machine. This means that you get a more secure data environment, without the overhead.

Hosted VoIP – We can set up a VoIP system that will help your company gain a competitive edge over large companies with larger budgets. VoIP allows you to run your company like a large enterprise, on a small business budget.

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a way to make and receive calls via the internet. Audio signals are translated into digital data, and then transmitted over the internet, similar to sending and receiving email. A VoIP service can call landlines and cell phones, without dealing with phone companies. All of your voice and data traffic is integrated into one network, which consolidates the cost of equipment, lines, manpower, and maintenance. VoIP also provides number mobility, which means that the phone device can use the same phone number anywhere, so long as it has proper IP connectivity. This is especially beneficial if your employees engage in frequent business travel; they can take their office line with them anywhere.

Managed Security and Backup – Storing your data in the Cloud means that security is more important than ever. We take this very seriously, and have created several safeguards to protect your information from theft or accidents. Thanks to remote access, we can keep your data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals, should your devices become lost or stolen. Should we ever have to wipe your devices clean, you can rest assured that your data is not gone for good since it is housed and backed up off-site.

Hosted Applications – A hosted application is a software-as-a-service solution. It allows users to execute and operate software on the cloud with a recurring subscription. These applications are powered and hosted from a remote cloud infrastructure, where they can be accessed globally on any device via the internet. The benefit to hosted applications on the cloud is that the software is easier to update than locally installed software, and require no up-front installation. We routinely update and patch this software with the latest, most stable version, and also provide continued technical support.

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