Next Week: The Robin Robins Boot Camp!

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We’re attending the RR Boot Camp again this year, and instead of the A-Team theme from before, it’s now called “Technology Marketing Speedway: Your Fast Track to Success”.  Kris and I attended last year, and it was a BLAST!

For those of you in the IT biz and who know what/who this is, then we hope to see you in Nashville next week!  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can hit up her seminar page here:

If you haven’t been to downtown Nashville, you’re really missing out! We were lucky enough to be part of the downtown Nashville scene at her event last year, and were grateful for the timing of it because we left a couple of weeks before the massive Cumberland River flooding that destroyed so many properties and damaged such great American icons such as the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. It was utter chaos there, and we were so very fortunate to have been there beforehand when the nightlife was carefree and lively.  Knowing what we know about Nashville now, I’m sure the vibe will be right back where it was when we left.

The seminar was a big hit with us because we met so many great people and learned new techniques for pitching to prospects, maximizing dollars versus efforts, and how to use the technology at our disposal to market ourselves as the best choice for outsourced IT in our market. Valuable info, and many of the ideas we gleaned were put to use right away in order to practice what we learned. We’re hoping to spark that sense of urgency and inspiration again this year!

Look us up while we’re there, and see our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates…


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